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*Only governments that USCIRF recommends as “countries of particular concern” (CPCs), "special watch list" (SWLs), “entities of particular concern” (EPCs). For a list of USCIRF-recommended CPCs, SWLs, EPCs, and further information on the standards used, see http://www.uscirf.gov/.

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Victim Information

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Please include specific information on the religious nature of the persecution experienced, including details about any instances of imprisonment, detention, forced disappearances, house arrest, torture, or forced renunciations of faith.
E.g. International awards.
E.g. does victim has a spouse, children, or other dependents, health concerns, time urgency.

If you have a large number of submissions and would like to avoid filling out individual forms for each victim, please download this spreadsheet and fill in as much information for each victim as you can. The required sections are denoted in green. Once done, you may send it to VictimsList@uscirf.gov

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