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Testimony of USCIRF Chair Dr. Katrina Lantos Swett on Protecting International Religious Freedom

USCIRF Chair Dr. Katrina Lantos Swett testified on September 18 before the National Security Subcommittee of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee at a hearing entitled "Protecting International Religious Freedom."

From the testimony:

"Over the past 15 years, the global landscape for freedom of religion or belief has changed drastically. In addition, the tragic and compelling events that have taken place since my last appearance reinforce the importance of the U.S. government, both the executive and legislative branches, making religious freedom a central component of U.S. foreign policy. Despite the evolving international scene, the tools IRFA created for the executive branch have been neither updated nor better resourced, leaving them underpowered and ill-equipped to address today’s challenges."

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