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Testimony of USCIRF Chairman Robert P. George on "Human Rights in Egypt"

USCIRF Chairman Robert P. George testified on November 3, 2015 before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission at a hearing entitled “Human Rights in Egypt.”

From the testimony:

“The religious freedom landscape in Egypt has become further complicated over the past year, and can be summed up as follows: one step forward, two steps back. While the Sisi government has clamped down on virtually all forms of dissent in the country, which has had an alarming impact on human rights and civil society activities, President Sisi has made a number of positive gestures and public statements urging reforms and religious tolerance, and his government has undertaken some initiatives that aim to improve religious freedom. At the same time, most of the existing laws and policies that restrict religious freedom remain unchanged and, during his tenure, new government campaigns have been initiated which do not bode well for Egyptian religious minorities and non-believers.”

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