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USCIRF welcomed the decision of India’s Supreme Court to relax conditions for the release of individuals detained as “foreigners” in Assam’s detention centers due to concerns with the spread of COVID-19.
USCIRF is troubled by the reports of food aid being denied to Hindus and Christians amid the spread of COVID-19 in Pakistan.
Amid efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, USCIRF calls on governments to release all prisoners held because of their religion or belief around the world.
USCIRF urges Houthi authorities to abide by their March 25 public commitment to release Baha’i religious prisoner of conscience Hamid bin Haydara along with 5 other detained Baha’is. 
USCIRF expressed outrage over the selection of China for the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council Consultative Group. 
USCIRF expressed its concern over reports that religious minority groups from around the world have faced discrimination because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Religious communities have been harassed and accused of bringing COVID-19 to their countries.
USCIRF welcomed the release of Adya Expósito Leyva, the wife of Pastor Ramón Rigal.
USCIRF reiterated its call for the Vietnamese government to release Nguyen Bac Truyen, one of USCIRF’s religious prisoners of conscience. 
USCIRF expressed its dismay at the Sindh High Court of Pakistan overturning the death penalty against Omar Saeed Sheikh for the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. 
USCIRF expressed its concern over reports of the provincial government of Balochistan, Pakistan targeting Hazara Shi’a for the spread of coronavirus.