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Special Reports

Click here to view Religious Freedom in Vietnam: Assessing the Country of Particular Concern Designation 10 Years After its Removal
English version Burmese version
Click here to view the English version
Click here to view the Barriers to Protection Report
Compulsory Religious Education in Turkey: A Survey and Assessment of Textbooks
Click here to view USCIRF's report, Burma: USCIRF Issues Report on Religious Freedom and Related Human Rights Violations.
Click here to view USCIRF's report, Promoting and Protecting Religuous Freedom in Syria .
Click here to read USCIRF's report, Assessing the U.S. Government's Detention of Asylum Seekers: Further Attention Needed to Fully Implement Reforms.
Click here to read the Initial Analysis of Problematic Provisions Related to Freedom of Religion or Belief and Associated Rights in Egyptian Draft Constitution .