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The Huffington Post -- US to Bashir: Zero Tolerance for Gamesmanship

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US to Bashir: Zero Tolerance for Gamesmanship

By Nina Shea and William Shaw

The story is all-too-familiar. A Sudanese town is burnt to the ground. Schools and hospitals are targeted and destroyed. Hundreds of civilians are murdered by tribal militia and 50,000 more are driven from their homes.

No, this isn't a page taken from Sudan's distant, bloody past. It's from May 2008, when ethnic tensions erupted in Abyei, a contested area situated on the nation's critical north-south religious and ethnic divide. Two-and-a-half-years later, pressures are mounting again, posing grave dangers for the successful completion of the north-south peace agreement and thus for the people of Sudan at large and for the surrounding region, unless the U.S. and its allies act decisively now.

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