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*Due to budgetary constraints, the Joseph R. Crapa Fellowship has been suspended until further notice.

USCIRF established the Joseph R. Crapa Fellowship Program in September 2009 in memory of Joe Crapa, who served as Executive Director from 2002-2007. Subject to availability of future appropriations, USCIRF will annually designate as Crapa Fellows two or more persons selected among individuals having a record of outstanding academic and/or other accomplishment in fields relevant to the issue of international religious freedom, including foreign affairs, direct experience abroad, human rights, national security matters and international law. The tenure of a Crapa Fellow typically will range from six to twelve months depending on the nature and scope of the particular Fellowship project.

The 2010-2011 Fellows were:

The four inaugural 2009-2010 Fellows were:

Click on the name of each fellow to see the publications associated with their research at USCIRF. These publications represent their personal views and not necessarily the views of USCIRF.