Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo

Gender Identity: male

Current Location: Boniato Maximum Security Prison

Perpetrator: Cuba

Faith: Christian – Protestant

Birth Date: February 26, 1971

Pre Trial Detention: Yes

Date of Detainment: July/11/2021

Current Status: Not Released

Religious Leader: yes

Most Recent Type of Abuse: Detainment

Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo

Extra Bio Info:

Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo, his son David Lorenzo Rosales Carballo and a group of church members joined the peaceful march in Palma Soriano after it started around midday. He and his son were detained after police and military attempted to block the way of the protestors. The two were then separated. An eyewitness was able to photograph the moment of Rosales Fajardo’s detention.

No information was provided to Rosales Fajardo’s wife. After going back to the State Security unit and police station repeatedly she was finally told on 14 July, that her husband is being held at “Poli Palo,” a MININT facility in an old school in Santiago de Cuba. She was refused permission to travel there to provide her husband with hygiene items ostensibly because of restrictions on movement due to COVID 19. Church leaders in Santiago de Cuba were able to confirm with the provincial MININT director that Rosales Fajardo is being held there.

The authorities gave his wife a handwritten slip of paper which states that he is facing charges of ‘disrespect’, ‘public disorder’ and ‘attacks’ (desacato, desorden público y atentados). His wife was informed that Rosales Fajardo will be kept in custody until he faces trial. The family has retained a lawyer to represent Rosales Fajardo. 

Pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo has been transferred to Boniato Maximum Security Prison in Santiago where he is still awaiting trial. His lawyer believes strongly that the government is planning to charge him with organizing the protests in Palma Soriano and will be going for a significant prison sentence. His wife has not been permitted to see him, but they were allowed a three minute phone call last weekend which was not much, but she was very grateful after going so many weeks not having any communication at all.


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