Perhat Tursun

Gender Identity: male

Current Location: Xinjiang (general location)

Perpetrator: China

Ethnic Group: Uyghur

Faith: Muslim – Unspecified/Other

Sentence Extended: NA

Awaiting Sentence: Yes

Sentence: Unconfirmed

Date of Detainment: January/30/2018

Current Status: Not Released

Most Recent Type of Abuse: Detainment

Perhat Tursun

Extra Bio Info:

On or around January 30, 2018, Uyghur writer and poet Perhat Tursun disappeared in Urumqi municipality, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR); he was reportedly taken into custody by XUAR authorities (Joshua Freeman, Fairbank Center Blog, 6 Sep 18; RFA, 1 Feb 20; Darren Byler, SupChina, 5 Feb 20). Information on his exact whereabouts and the accusations against him was unavailable. His detention came amid a campaign of arbitrary mass detention in which XUAR officials targeted Uyghurs and members of other largely Muslim ethnic groups for reasons including expression of ethnic, cultural, or religious identity. Tursun is best known for his poetry and fiction writing, including the poetry collection “One Hundred Love Lyrics” (Uyghur: Muhebbet lirikiliridin yuz parche) and the novel “The Art of Suicide” (Uyghur: Oluwelish sen’iti). In February 2020, reports emerged that authorities had sentenced Tursun to 16 years in prison; these reports were not confirmed, and further details, including the charges against Tursun, the trial court, and the date of sentencing, were unavailable.