Gulshan Abbas

Gender Identity: female

Perpetrator: China

Ethnic Group: Uyghur

Faith: Muslim – Unspecified/Other

Health Concerns: Severe back pain often leading to immobilization, osteoporosis, and recurring migraines

Sentence: N/A

Date of Detainment: September/11/2018

Date of Sentencing: March//2019

Current Status: Unknown

Most Recent Type of Abuse: Disappeared

Gulshan Abbas

Extra Bio Info:

Gulshan Abbas is a retired medical doctor at the Xinjiang Oil Field Company Mingyuan Workers Hospital in Urumqi, Xinjiang. She spent her whole life in Urumqi, and at one point had to retire early because of personal health issues. Her daughters spoke with her on a near daily basis until September 11, 2018, when they could no longer contact her. Her family later learned she was taken to “Re-Education” camp. Someone who went to her apartment in Urumqi in mid-September 2019 said that the apartment was sealed by the Public Security Bureau. In June 2020, her detention was confirmed by Radio Free Asia through her former place of employment, no other details were given. Family members learned on 12/2020 that she has been sentenced to 20 years in prison in 03/2019 under false charges but still no other details such as location or her health was provided. Her family believes that Dr. Abbas was taken into custody as a direct result of one of her family member’s activities in the United States. Rushan Abbas, the sister of Dr. Abbas, spoke on a panel in Washington, DC, on September 5, 2018 regarding the Uyghur crisis. Just six days after the event, Dr. Abbas was taken.

Dr. Abbas has multiple health concerns which require medication and medical attention, including severe back pain often leading to immobilization, osteoporosis, and recurring migraines. Additionally, both eyes have undergone multiple surgeries and require medical monitoring.