Adil Tuniyaz

Key Fact:

Uyghur Poet

Detained Since:

Dec 25, 2017


Adil Tuniyaz is a well-known Uyghur poet, reporter at the state-run People's Radio, and author of the books Questions for an Apple and Manifesto for Universal Poetry. Tuniyaz and his wife, Nezire Muhammad Salih, were both arrested in December 2017. Their eldest son, Imran (19 years old), was also arrested at a Beijing school where he was studying Arabic. Imran was reportedly sent to a detention facility in Xinjiang. It is believed that their three younger children have been placed in state-run orphanages for Uyghur youth whose guardians have been detained. Adil's father-in-law, the well known Uyghur scholar Muhammad Salih Hajim, died in a re-education camp in Urumqi in January 2018.

A Chinese officer at a prison in Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture's Miquan county, where another relative is being held, informed family members in February 2018 that they "shouldn't hold out any hope for Nezire and Adil" because of the seriousness of the accusations against them. Reportedly, they were targeted at least in part because they translated religious materials, including hadiths, which drew the attention of the Chinese government.

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